“Tiffany is one of the few women’s issues therapists around. I have struggled for many years with severe endometriosis and migraines, and was fortunate enough to finally find Tiffany. She is an excellent therapist, who has helped me regain a sense of normalcy in my everyday life and helped reduce the amount of pain I have to endure on a daily basis. I HIGHLY recommend Body Logic Physical Therapy, Tiffany, and Tomi to anyone needing a physical therapist! You won’t find a kinder or more wonderful environment in which to recuperate!” – Manera Saloom Branstetter


“Over the years I have spent many hours in therapy at several different rehabs, chiropractic services and pain centers for back pain and other joint pain. I have had many steroid injections in my back and neck and in August underwent back surgery. Any relief that I experienced was only temporary at best, and to my disappointment even the back surgery didn’t provide the relief that I had hoped for. I was introduced to Tiffany by my daughter about six weeks ago. I was excited to hear of a new approach to back pain and grateful for the help she provided my daughter. Tiffany is undoubtedly the best physical therapist I have ever met. She evaluated my overall health and immediately pinpointed some of the main causes for my longtime pain. Two years ago I suffered a stroke that left me with drop foot. I had been fitted with an AFO to help with the drop foot, but had not been able to get much use from it until she pointed out part of the problem was in the way I was walking. My gait was definitely off from the stroke which was causing pain from my SI joint. She has helped me with exercises to undo the bad habits that I formed with my gait. She has used dry needling to help with the pain in my back, hip and leg. The progress is slow but definitely I am improving steadily. The periods of relief are extending with each visit to her. The thing that amazes me about Tiffany is the gift she has of finding the root causes of my pain and then proceeding to treat the multiple problems that I have. No one has ever taken the time to listen to me as she does. She is working with me and me only when I am there and I can tell that her mind is not with the previous patient or the one following after me. She concentrates her knowledge on me which gives me total confidence in her abilities. She is skilled beyond any therapists that I have worked with before. She and her associate Tomi both have a friendly, patient, humorous approach to dealing with clients and I feel totally relaxed there, which is such a big part of the therapy. They really care about me and that makes me a happy patient and I am excited to recommend her to anyone that has not received relief from other therapy, as she is not the typical physical therapist.”– Kay Smith

“My 6 year old was struggling in Kindergarten, having difficulty blending sounds, discouraged, etc. We were referred to Tiffany and after one session and doing excercises at home a few days my child began blending sounds and showed much improvement. I was amazed and so encouraged that finally something was going to help my child! Tiffany and this program are truly a gift from God! It is so great to see the work/time you put in produce positive results. I could go on and on. We are forever grateful!” – Maxie Lucas


“The physician that recommended that I see Tiffany said that she was very good and that I would like her. She was right. I had been treated by a chiropractor for chronic back pain for years but the problems persisted. Tiffany quickly identified my main problem and was able to correct it that day. I was stunned because I had thought I was just going to have to accept being in pain the rest of my life. She taught me how to do exercises for strength and flexibility so that I can maintain an active lifestyle and avoid regressing. Tiffany has a unique approach that brilliantly combines knowledge from multiple areas, and she truly cares about her patients. She and her technician Tomi treat patients like family and the atmosphere is very friendly. I am grateful every day and feel very lucky that I have had the opportunity to be treated at Body Logic.” – Dr. Erin Reilly


“Tiffany Higginbotham is an exceptional lady. Though our relationship began years ago for my therapy needs, it has become a true relationship of friend and therapist. She is very wise, extremely intelligent, very compassionate and dedicated to her patients. She is careful to assess my needs according to my limitations and the management my frame requires. I have experienced many different physical therapists throughout my lifetime, and their skill becomes evident very quickly during treatment. Tiffany is very gifted and each time, I’m reassured during difficult circumstances and physical discomfort that she will take good care of me and that I’m in good hands. Should you ever require her services, you’ll be grateful to have such an amazing and talented physical therapist.” – Linda Fry

“About a month out of surgery, I was not able to walk with any balance or able to get up out of a chair or my bed without much struggle. Tiffany gave me several simple exercises to work on as I strengthened my legs and core and showed me correct ways to roll out of bed… I was limited during the first 3 months due to the fusion healing, but she has worked with me 2-3 times a week and I can now stand and walk with much improvement. Whereas, I was totally dependent on a walker, I am now able to use it intermittently with the goal in mind to be totally free of it. I also have had a lot of burning in my feet due to nerve damage before surgery. This is a slow process to heal. Tiffany has performed dry needling otherwise known as acupuncture, which has helped lessen the pain. There is no way any of my progress would be possible without the aid of Body Logic. Aside from the kindness and professionalism of Tiffany and her staff, she is top notch and I recommend her to anyone needing assistance in physical therapy.”– Aaron Fleming

“I came to Tiffany with persistent back and hip problems. At one point it was difficult to walk. I had been to multiple chiropractors and the doctor. In one short session, Tiffany evaluated my situation and identified the issues playing into my problems. After only 3 visits to her, I was able to recover enough to walk normally without a limp. What impresses me most about Tiffany’s approach is her willingness to look at the body as a series of interrelated systems and causes. Chiropractor’s adjust, physicians may recommend surgery, most PTs prescribe exercises and Dietician’s recommend diet changes. Tiffany is unique because her approach crosses multiple disciplines and applies all that knowledge to help people. It is my hope that Body Logic will enable Tiffany’s unique gifts to be a blessing to more and more people.” – Rob Genin

9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. After having read the testimonials attesting to the remarkable healing that is Tiffany’s gift, it perhaps is redundant of me to speak of the life-style renewal brought about by my couple of months with Tiffany. After a two-year period of physiatrists, neurosurgeons, MRIs, pain management, nerve tests and physical therapists in Montgomery and UAB, I was referred to Tiffany by another physical therapist. Within moments she diagnosed a dysfunctional left SI joint, which had resulted in significant muscle strain and inflammation from waist to ankle. With deep tissue massage, dry needling, manipulation, exercising and diet counseling (the first to discuss this subject), we now have our lives back – traveling, hiking mountains, sailing, dancing and acres of yard work! Tiffany’s gift of healing is evident in her professional knowledge, but her kindness and the sincere and genuine ministry she gifts to her clients is what makes her so very unique.

    • I agree 100%. I called her on a Thursday in terrible pain & she saw me the very next day on Friday, on my schedule ,for a evaluation. She diagnosed me right away w/SI joint issues & bursitis. What can I say…..she is a miracle worker….& even more….I consider her a very good friend! Love you & appreciate you Tiffany💕

      • I just want to add to my original testimony that Tiffany is the only PT I have ever seen that devotes 100% of her time to me when I am there for an appointment. I am so use to other PTs seeing me for just an evaluation and then turning me over to a PT Assistant. Tiffany’s hands on approach and God given ability gives her an advantage over any other PT I have ever used.

  2. Tiffany has changed my life. I have experience back, hip, neck and shoulder pain every day for 29 years. I have seen many chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and 2 pain specialists. I have had spinal injections and trigger point therapy. I have bought many devices to help with my pain and taken many medications. None of these therapies relieved my pain. Tiffany evaluated me and determined the best treatment for me. After just a few visits at Body Logic, the relief was almost unbelievable. Most days I have no low back pain at all. I have recommended Tiffany to friends and family. She is a gifted, knowledgeable physical therapist. What a blessing to have found her!

  3. After extensive research prior to my total knee replacement surgery, the one comment that was consistently stated was the vital importance of a strong and consistent physical therapy post-surgery. The selection of Ms. Higginbotham came after high recommendations from her client base along with a pre-interview session with her personally prior to my surgery. Tiffany was extremely knowledgeable concerning the surgical procedure and walked me through what I should expect. She laid out a plan of attack that we, together, would execute. She pulled no punches as she explained how she would be addressing my personal path toward recovery. A bond of trust was established in that interview along with physical demonstrations of some of her proven techniques and methods. We shook hands and she told me she would see me two days after release from William Andrews Sports Medicine. The next twelve weeks I looked to Tiffany not as my therapist, but as my “coach”; A coach that would push me to my limits without breaking my spirit to hit our goals. If you are reading this as an athlete or active individual, you understand what I am attempting to express. Patience is not one of my strengths, but Tiffany’s continuous encouragement to stay true to the plan enabled me to stay focused during the training/healing process. After eight weeks I returned to B’ham for a check-up. My doctor was so impressed with my progress, he directly asked me who my physical therapist was in Montgomery and extended words of high praise. (Five Stars Baby) from some of the top ortho surgeons in the nation. I was blessed to have the entire Body Logics staff as my teammates. Gotta run now… I have tennis to play.

  4. The staff at Body Logic are all very compassionate, kind and helpful. Their obvious goal is not only to HELP you but to HEAR you as well. Tiffany is very gentle, gracious and knowledgeable. I’m so thankful for the therapy and help that I’ve received, Tiffany’s philosophy of ministering and caring for the whole person is clearly evident! She not only helped me physically through the therapy & suggesting dietary changes that helped tremendously, she also offered emotional and spiritual support throughout it. She was most gracious as I went through the stages of discouragement & frustration as I did the exercises & radically changed my diet. I came to her absolutely miserable & now truly have my life back!

  5. I can’t say enough good things about Tiffany and her staff! I had been in pain for approximately 6 years until I was referred to her by my new gynecologist. Yes, my gynecologist recognized my pain and thought Tiffany could help me. I had been to see doctors, an orthopedic surgeon, a chiropractor for four years, an acupuncturist and several physical therapists. I had given up on living without pain. Thankfully, I decided to visit Tiffany and she quickly recognized my problem and started with a treatment program that has been the answer for me feeling like myself again. She is an exceptional physical therapist and a wonderful person! Tiffany, Gabrielle and Jarel actually care about their patients and want to see them improve and enjoy life again! LOVE THEM!

  6. What can I say…I have been seeing several physical therapists in my life due to shoulder damage, trigger points, calf muscle tear etc. None of them were as professional, courteous, and personable as Tiffany. I actually landed in her facility because of pelvic, gluteal and lower back pain that I believed was caused by trigger points. Tiffany was able to find the main source of my problems and with deep tissue massages, dry needling and stem she helped me in a way I did not think it was possible. Tiffany also empowered me with knowledge, explaining what was wrong, was she was doing , and what I could do to help myself. I cannot recommend Tiffany enough and I would define her as a life savior. The only sad note is that I do not live in Montgomery anymore and now I have to find another physical therapist and I am positive it is going to be super hard to find one as good as Tiffany.

  7. Not all physical therapists are created equal… and Tiffany is amazing.

    I really can’t say enough good about the help I’ve received at Body Logic. I have 2 bulging discs, and also suffer from a postpartum SI joint dysfunction and diastases. Tiffany correctly diagnosed me, provided relief, saved me from going into surgery, and very importantly, has taught me/given me the tools to get better on my own at home so that I can function. Some therapists seem to treat a problem (“this is what we do for bad backs, joints, etc”) but Tiffany treats ME and evaluates the specific needs of the individual.

    I got emotional this morning thinking how grateful I am for Tiffany. She’s given me so many tools to heal and get out of pain so that I can function from day to day. Priceless. Highly recommend!

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