Whole 30 Encouragement

So we are officially halfway done with Whole 30®. I hope that those of you who have joined in have begun your journey in some way. Maybe it means that you have had fifteen days of perfection with no cheats and you are beginning to see or feel real change. Maybe it means that you have initiated some positive changes but not ready to take on all of it.  Maybe it just means that you have checked out the website and begun to entertain the idea of eating this way. Or maybe you are like most and are scared to death to even look at the website. Wherever you are, there is no judgment and everyone has to begin somewhere. I always tell people that I have eaten this way for years and it has taken years for me to really get the hang of it. When you are talking about taking on something like Whole 30®, I think it is really important to know and be honest with yourself. Are you the type that is “all or nothing” and you can just go for it. Or are you more the type that if it is just “too much”, you will not comply with any of it. People always ask me “can I ease into this”. My answer is yes, but let me fully explain. Whole 30® is not just about weight loss, it is predominantly about decreasing inflammation. When we are addressing diet changes from an inflammatory standpoint, it is a completely different story. This is why Whole 30® insists that you do not cheat at all for 30 days. If we are just talking about weight loss, a little cheat here and there is no big deal. However, with inflammation, this is not the case. You have to envision inflammation as a fire burning within your body. As you stop fueling the fire, it dies down but remains as low burning embers. One little cheat represents a drop of lighter fluid that causes the fire to reignite. This then takes another 21 days of no cheating to extinguish that same fire. When we are talking about conditions such as chronic pain and autoimmune disease, which I frequently treat, not cheating becomes a critical part of healing, at least for a period of time.  Everyone has to start somewhere. So, if you need to “ease in” right now with the hope of eventually fully complying, then ease in. Just understand that although you may see some change, it will not be near to the extent that you will experience when you do the program in its entirety. I treat people all of the time that have a large learning curve to just get to the point of even considering something like Whole 30®. So, we always endorse, just start.  Make some positive change, even if it is just research right now.

Keep it real – real people, real food, real change