Brain PumpAre you looking for a fun outlet for your child that nurtures wellness, fitness, coordination, balance, attention and learning, all while interacting and playing with their peers? If so, then Brain Pump might be what you are looking for!

Brain Pump is a group exercise class, targeting children 4-12 years of age.  The class is the collaboration of a Physical Therapist and a Kinesiology Professor combining traditional therapy and exercise concepts with the latest cutting edge research on movement and the brain.  Brain Pump incorporates exercises with a strong neurological component that help promote gross motor skills, balance, core strengthening, crossing midline activities, coordination and proprioception (body awareness).   All of these promote better organization and maturity of a child’s nervous system, often positively effecting attention and learning.  The intensity of the class is also designed to keep the child’s heart rate at a level that research shows most stimulates the brain. This is all done in a fun, energetic setting, that seems much more like playing than exercising.  For more information or to register your child for the next Brain Pump class, click here.

Metro FitnessMetroFitness Club & Spa prides itself on having the highest level of features and service in the Montgomery area. Our club delivers state-of-the-art equipment and quality customer service. MetroFitness opened in January 1999 and has been Voted Best Health Club in Montgomery year after year.



Brenda Payne Counseling – Brenda Payne has been certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors for ten years. Brenda is passionate about helping women seek and do the will of God for the glory of God!





We believe God has created every person with value. We exist to restore this value to sexually exploited women




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